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Driven by the curiosity of colors, shapes, tools and unlimited possibility.

I strive to bring to life your wildest dreams through the use of physical and digital artwork. 

Mediums I Work in

Graphite ~ Acrylic paint ~ Charcoal ~ Color pencil ~ Pens ~ Alcohol based markers ~ Soft pastels
Digital Art is created using Procreate® on Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Art courses taken while in high school

Starting with the basics of color theory, light, size and shape gave me the foundation to be a unique creative human. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of the power of what analogous colors can have together with how you place them in a drawing/painting. 

Design Foundations
Drawing Foundations
Drawing & Painting 1

Through this course I was taught the fundamentals of using pencil and paper to draw things like faces and hands. 

This course gave me an intimate understanding of how colors mix on a canvas and an in-depth look into how to paint portraits. 


High School Diploma - New Prague Senior High, New Prague MN
Drawing & Painting 2

Moving to other mediums gave me the versatility to use any medium. The focus of this course was gel transferring in paintings and how to work with charcoal. 

Graphic Design

This is where I began to build my proficiency in the world of digital artwork. Learning about layers and digital illustration workflows. The main focus of this course was logo design and graphic posters. 

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